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Family Balance

The 5 TIME PRIORITIES for a balanced, durable family

YES YOU CAN make time for what matters!

from the just-released go-to book
How To Be a Durable Human


  1. To maintain versatile eyesight: Use the 20-20-20-rule: look up from the computer screen every twenty minutes at something at least twenty feet away for at least twenty seconds.
  2. To reduce information overload: When responding to email, save yourself and the sender time. Avoid open-ended questions such as “Thoughts?” and instead give finite choices such as “Would you like me to (a) call, (b) stop, or (c) butt out?”
  3. To banish that “frazzled feeling”: When you’re on a device and your head begins to throb, stepping outside in the sunshine and breeze for a few minutes decreases stress and increases your brain’s ability to process information.
  4. To sleep well in an always-on world: Since hand-held devices such as phones and tablets are funnels for alerts, notices, and other things that go beep in the night, use a plug-in alarm clock and charge phones out of earshot, such as in a hallway or bathroom.
  5. To keep emotions on an even keel: In stressful situations, use the STOP technique: Stop what you are doing, take a breath, observe what is happening around you, then proceed after deciding what most needs your attention at the moment.

About The Author

As a parent, Jenifer Joy Madden has lived the surprises, joys, and frustrations of raising three durable humans who are now all grown up and managing nicely in this complex, beautiful world.

Throughout that whole life-journey, Jenifer has also been a multi-media reporter and digital journalism adjunct professor, informing small and large audiences about about health and well-being, from one-to-one strategy sessions to news outlets from ABC News to The Discovery Health Channel; The Huffington Post to The Washington Post; to her website,

One follower writes about her newest book: "It is hard to capture all the moments addressed in the book, but even this small selection of a few of them illustrates the need for all of us to pay more attention toward ourselves, others, and the environment we all share. There is a certain level of similarity between what Khalil Gibran accomplished by awakening with his poetry and prose something deep in the modern human, and something that Jenifer Joy Madden could accomplish with this book. For all these reasons, I would recommend this book to anybody to read; starting with my family first.​"

​Get to know the work of this "cheerleader for humanity." You'll be glad you did.